A Time-Domain Band-Gap Temperature Sensor in SOI CMOS for High-Temperature Applications


This temporary presents a temperature sensor operating over a large temperature vary from 25°C to 225°C for oil well instrumentation applications. The temperature sensor is implemented with a straightforward time-domain design and a mapping operate at the digital back finish. The mapping perform eliminates the necessity for a band-gap reference, whose temperature coefficient deteriorates the accuracy, significantly for prime and wide temperature vary of operation. The time-domain implementation results in low power consumption and chip area. With digital calibration at area temperature employing a field-programmable gate array, the sensor achieves a worst case inaccuracy of +1.half-dozen °C/ -1.5 °C and consumes only twenty-μA current underneath a four.5-V offer. The chip is fabricated with a business partially depleted silicon-on-insulator CMOS method and occupies a chip space of 0.forty one mm2.

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