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The PennBMBI: Design of a General Purpose Wireless Brain-Machine-Brain Interface System

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The PennBMBI: Design of a General Purpose Wireless Brain-Machine-Brain Interface System


During this paper, a general purpose wireless Brain- Machine -Brain Interface (BMBI) system is presented. The system integrates four battery-powered wireless devices for the implementation of a closed-loop sensorimotor neural interface, as well as a neural signal analyzer, a neural stimulator, a body-space sensor node and a graphic user interface implemented on the PC end. The neural signal analyzer features a four channel analog front-finish with configurable bandpass filter, gain stage, digitization resolution, and sampling rate. The target frequency band is configurable from EEG to single unit activity. A noise floor of 4.69 μVrms is achieved over a bandwidth from zero.05 Hz to 6 kHz . Digital filtering, neural feature extraction, spike detection, sensing-stimulating modulation, and compressed sensing measurement are realized in a very central processing unit integrated within the analyzer. A flash memory card is additionally integrated within the analyzer. A two-channel neural stimulator with a compliance voltage up to ±twelve V is included. The stimulator is capable of delivering unipolar or bipolar, charge-balanced current pulses with programmable pulse form, amplitude, width, pulse train frequency and latency. A multi-practical sensor node, including an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a flexiforce sensor and a general sensor extension port has been designed. A pc interface is meant to observe, control and configure all aforementioned devices via a wireless link, in line with a customized communication protocol. Wireless closed-loop operation between the sensory devices, neural stimulator, and neural signal analyzer can be configured. The proposed system was designed to link two sites within the brain, bridging the brain and external hardware, along with making new sensory and motor pathways for clinical follow. Bench check and in vivo experiments are performed to verify the functions and performances of the system.

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The PennBMBI: Design of a General Purpose Wireless Brain-Machine-Brain Interface System - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

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