Achieving Antenna and Multipath Diversities in GLRT-Based Burst Packet Detection


Strong detection of the arrival of a packet is difficult in burst wireless communications, because the detection performance is prone to channel fading. In this paper, we study methods to attain diversity to combat with channel fading within the detection regime. The contributions of this paper are twofold. (i) The cyclic-delay diversity (CDD) combined with multiple-antenna generalized-probability-ratio-test (GLRT) detection is proposed to attain each antenna and multipath diversities in the detection regime, in each time domain (TD) and frequency domain (FD), where the multipath diversity is obtained by CDD. (ii) GLRT detectors with multiple antennas beneath frequency-selective multipath fading channel in TD and FD, i.e., TD-GLRT and FD-GLRT, are derived. Miss-detection probability (MDP) and false-alarm chance (FAP) of TD-GLRT and FD-GLRT are analyzed, primarily based on which, the variety gains of both detectors are obtained. Results show that full diversity, offered by each independent antennas and multipath elements, is achieved with the proposed approach for both TD-GLRT and FD-GLRT, no matter whether the assisted sequence incorporates a excellent autocorrelation property or not. Additionally, for TD-GLRT, assisted sequences with a non-good autocorrelation property could lead to a significant SNR loss due to multipath, whereas for FD-GLRT, the SNR loss is insignificant.

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