Approximate Explicit Nonlinear Receding Horizon Control for Decompression of Divers


This paper is predicated on a comprehensive dynamic mathematical model (Copernicus) of vascular bubble formation and growth throughout and after decompression from a dive. The model is founded on the statistical correlation between measurable venous gas emboli (VGE) and risk of severe decompression illness (DCS) where VGE has been shown to be a reliable and sensitive predictor of decompression stress. By using the Copernicus model the diving decompression problem is formulated as a nonlinear optimal management drawback, where the target is to minimize the overall ascend time subject to constraints on the most bubbles volume in the central venous pool. A recent study reveals that the optimal solution can be obtained by solving the optimization downside with equality constraints. Galvanized by that, a easier approach using barrier function is proposed in this paper, through that we tend to achieve a additional economical and sturdy numerical implementation. To cut back the complexity of the nonlinear optimization drawback this paper additionally studies the decompression profile parameterization and its impact. Furthermore, by applying multi-parametric nonlinear programming technique, an approximate express answer to the nonlinear optimization downside is obtained, which makes the sensible implementation on a typical low-price diving computer possible.

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