Attitude Coordination Control for a Group of Spacecraft Without Velocity Measurements


This paper investigates the problem of velocity-free attitude coordination management for a cluster of spacecraft with attitude represented by changed Rodrigues parameters. The communication flow among neighbor spacecraft is described by an undirected connected graph. 2 velocity-free angle coordination management schemes are proposed. By employing linear reduced-order observers, robust control and Chebyshev neural networks, the first velocity-free control scheme allows a cluster of spacecraft to simultaneously align their perspective and track a time-varying reference perspective even in the presence of unknown mass moment of inertia matrix and external disturbances, where all spacecraft have access to the common reference angle. The second management law guarantees a cluster of spacecraft to trace a time-varying reference perspective without requiring velocity measurements even when the common reference attitude is out there solely to a subset of the group members. Furthermore, the soundness of the overall closed-loop system for each management laws is guaranteed by a Lyapunov-based approach. Finally, numerical simulations are presented to demonstrate the performance of the proposed controllers.

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