Improving Continuously Variable Transmission Efficiency With Extremum Seeking Control


The planning of an efficiency optimal controller for the variator during a vehicular continuously variable transmission is studied. A standard controller aims at tracking a prescribed reference for the transmission ratio and at preventing harm, however does not address efficiency. Sufficiently correct models for the efficiency as perform of the clamping forces aren't available, whereas measurement of the potency needs extra sensors. In this brief, a controller is proposed that improves the efficiency while not needing extra sensors. The maps between the clamping forces (input) and also the efficiency or the speed ratio (output) are studied with take a look at rig experiments. These maps exhibit a most, however the situation of this most is uncertain. So, an extremum seeking controller is developed. This controller will adapt the input to maximize the output, without needing a model. Experiments show that this approach is possible and that a standard controller is outperformed. A robustness analysis for disturbances indicates that these are effectively handled.

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