Air-Fuel Ratio Control of Spark Ignition Engines Using a Switching LPV Controller


The 3 approach catalytic converter (TWC) could be a important part for the mitigation of tailpipe emissions of recent spark ignition internal combustion (IC) engines. Because the TWC operates effectively only when the air-fuel ratio is terribly close to stoichiometric, accurate management of the air-fuel ratio is required. This paper uses a switching linear parameter varying (LPV) controller to manage the air-fuel ratio. For controller style functions, the dynamics of the fuel path is modeled as a time-varying initial-order and dead time (FOPDT) model, varying with the engine operating point, i.e., engine speed and air flow. Large variation of the FOPDT model across the engine operating range results in a conservative LPV controller. Thus, the operating range is divided into smaller subregions, a private LPV controller is meant for each, and also the LPV controllers are then switched based mostly on the operating purpose. The LPV controllers are found by solving a convex optimization drawback with linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) that will be efficiently solved using accessible LMI techniques. The ensuing closed-loop system has guaranteed performance over the operating vary of the engine. Simulations show the improved air-fuel ratio regulation of the switching LPV controller over the engine's operating range compared to that of an $H_infty$ controller which is scheduled based mostly on air flow only with a non-switching LPV controller.

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