Improvement of lithium adsorption capacity by optimising the parameters affecting synthesised ion sieves


Recent study has shown that the spinel type of MnO2 nanoparticles have a required capability for lithium extraction from liquid resources. The low lithium adsorption capacity of synthesised ion sieves was found to be an necessary limiting parameter for their use in industrial applications. So, increasing the uptake capability of different ion sieves by studying the result of six effective parameters, involving lithium salt compound, manganese salt compound, oxidising reagent, calcination temperature, heating time and Li/Mn mol ratio, on the synthesised ion sieves was investigated. Hence, in this reported work, a specific approach based on the L9(thirty four) Taguchi orthogonal array was employed to evaluate these parameters and to optimise them in two separate stages. Conjointly, the relative importance of each factor determined using analysis of variance. Although, all mentioned parameters had a significant impact on lithium uptake capability, the oxidising reagent and therefore the lithium salt compound were the most effective factors. Conjointly, an applicable ion sieve with a lithium adsorption capacity of additional than 9 mmol g−one was synthesised for the primary time.

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