3D elastic optical networking in the temporal, spectral, and spatial domains


Conventional elastic optical networking, EON, uses elasticity in 2 domains, time and frequency, to optimize utilization of optical network resources in the presence of fluctuating traffic demand and link quality. Currently, networking exploiting a third domain, house, is the main target of important research efforts since area-division multiplexing, SDM, has the potential to substantially improve future network capacity and spectral potency. This article extends 2D-EON to incorporate elasticity in all 3 domains: time, frequency, and area. We have a tendency to introduce enabling technologies, architectures, and algorithms for 3D-EONs. Based mostly on sample network topologies, we investigate algorithms for routing, spectrum, spatial mode, and modulation format assignment ??? RSSMA. In explicit, we investigate fragmentation-aware RSSMA and the way the constraints within the formation of super-channels in MIMO-primarily based SDM systems can impact the network performance in terms of blocking likelihood.

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