Microwave sensing of quality attributes of agricultural and food products


Highly automated and computerized processes in agricultural and food industries need the development of sensors for continuous measurement and monitoring of quality attributes of agricultural and food merchandise. Microwave dielectric-based sensors are well matched to satisfy such desires as a result of water could be a common part of these product, and water features a strong interaction with the electric field at microwave frequencies. Recent advances in calibration strategies and availability of reliable and cheap microwave components offer an opportunity for the event of a new generation of low-value microwave sensors for method monitoring and control that will end in significant labor and cost savings in addition to maintaining the desired quality and complying with safety rules. This is often even a lot of relevant in a very social and economic surroundings where shopper awareness is high and new rules and guidelines for labeling and safety standards are put in place. This paper discusses both the development of calibration methods for indirect determination of bulk density and moisture content from measurement of the dielectric properties at one microwave frequency and development of cheap microwave meters for routine characterization of grain, seed, and in-shell peanuts in static and dynamic situations. Accuracy and savings related to the employment of such devices are lined.

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