The Energetic Impact of the Lighting System in the Road Tunnels


The amount of artificial lightweight necessary in an exceedingly road tunnel depends on the external luminance, the weather conditions, the road surface wet or dry, the traffic speed, and also the connected safe driver stopping distance. The planning of the lighting system takes under consideration these parameters, assuming vital conditions. This could end in terribly high electrical power demand. The authors, based on the expertise acquired as a result of some designs created for Italian motorway tunnels, recommend a sensible technique to estimate the load demand and also the annual energy value for the proposed lighting system. It highlights the impact of the presence of a management system ready to improve the protection and luxury for the drivers, avoiding the excesses of luminance and mitigating the energetic value. The management has to control and tune automatically the luminous flux emitted by the lighting system in keeping with actual conditions given by the input signals of the external luminance, the climatic condition, and therefore the traffic intensity.

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