A Dual-Band Frequency-Tunable Magnetic Dipole Antenna for WiMAX/WLAN Applications


In this letter, a brand new twin-band frequency-tunable antenna for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) and Wireless Local Space Network (WLAN) is proposed. The frequency tuning is realized by the insertion of 2 varactor diodes into the antenna structure. At the resonant frequencies, the antenna behaves like 2 magnetic dipoles. The antenna is designed and fabricated. Measurements show that the antenna presents 2 slender-band resonant frequencies that can be tuned separately. Either of the two bands can be tuned independently by varying the dc bias of the varactors from zero to thirty V whereas keeping the other very stable. The antenna can cowl 230 MHz of WiMAX frequency band (three.28-three.51 GHz) and 560 MHz of WLAN band (five.47-half dozen.03 GHz). The proposed antenna features a considerable importance in wireless communications as a result of of its planar shape, compact size, easy dc feeding network, and therefore the frequency tuning of 1 band will not have any impact on the second band.

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