Multistage time-variant electric vehicle load modelling for capturing accurate electric vehicle behaviour and electric vehicle impact on electricity distribution grids


Correct electrical vehicle (EV) load modelling could be a daunting task as a result of the proportion and characteristics of those additional electrical loads within the grids are continuously changing. In many recent EV studies, EV load is assumed to be a constant power load to analyse the impact of EV charging on electrical network. But, such an assumption would not be effective in real-time application and can provide misleading results. This study proposes a multistage time-variant EV load modelling technique primarily based on the characteristics of EV load demand because of EV battery charging. To capture the transitions between completely different stages of battery charging, the EV hundreds are modelled with a multistage scheme and implemented NADA model. A comparative study of energy losses and voltage profile is disbursed on the IEEE sixty nine-bus check system for the use of a traditional constant load model, standard ZIP load model and also the proposed multistage time-variant EV load model. Results show that the load models will significantly affect the energy losses and terminal voltages, and give misrepresentation if EV load isn't accurately modelled. Therefore, for proper analysis of EV loads during unidirectional charging, it is essential to possess correct models for predicting true EV behaviour.

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