A Measurement-Based Characterization of the Energy Consumption in Data Center Servers


In this work, we have a tendency to present an exhaustive empirical characterization of the ability needs of multiple parts of information center servers. To do so, we tend to devise totally different experiments to fret these parts, taking under consideration the multiple on the market frequencies and the fact that we are operating with multicore servers. In these experiments, we live energy consumption of server parts and identify their optimal operational points. Our study proves that the curve defining the minimal CPU power utilization, as a operate of the load in active cycles per second, is neither concave nor purely convex. Instead, it definitively shows a brilliant-linear dependence on the load. Similarly, we have a tendency to gift results on how to boost the potency of network cards and disks. Finally, we tend to validate the accuracy of the model derived from our characterization by comparing the $64000 energy consumed by 2 Hadoop applications—PageRank and WordCount—with the estimation from our model, obtaining errors below on average.

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