An Ultra-Compact Common-Mode Bandstop Filter With Modified-T Circuits in Integrated Passive Device (IPD) Process


Primarily based on multi-cell modified-T circuits, this paper proposes a completely unique circuit topology to comprehend a standard-mode bandstop filter with differential-mode all-pass characteristics for prime-speed digital differential circuits. The circuit behaviors for each differential and common modes are analyzed primarily based on symmetrical network analysis techniques. Two transmission zeros at common mode can be synthesized by the derived formulas. The proposed design flow is employed to comprehend a take a look at sample in the integrated passive device process. Simulated and measured results are in sensible agreement. The common-mode suppression band is from one.6 to four.7 GHz, whose fractional bandwidth is nearly one hundred%. The cutoff frequency of the differential mode can maintain up to 10 GHz with a relentless group delay. Moreover, eye diagrams under completely different signaling rates all perform well. Compared with the other literature, the proposed common-mode filter encompasses a very wide common-mode stopband, the highest differential-mode cutoff frequency up to ten GHz, and the foremost compact circuit size of .

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