Finite-Element Calculation of 3-D Transient Electromagnetic Field in End Region and Eddy-Current Loss Decrease in Stator End Clamping Plate of Large Hydrogenerator


The stator clamping plate is an important element of hydrogenerators used to fasten the stator end core. Because of the complicated leakage electromagnetic field in the end region, eddy-current loss within the stator clamping plate is sometimes terribly massive, which will result in partial overheat. Analysis of eddy-current losses in stator clamping plates and cheap structure design are the premise of guaranteeing the safe and stable operation of a giant hydrogenerator. A 278-MVA hydrogenerator is taken as an example in this paper, and therefore the calculation model of 3-D transient electromagnetic field of end region is established and validated by temperature take a look at price. Then, a replacement arch-formed clamping plate structure is presented. The transient electromagnetic field and eddy-current losses of end regions with ancient fan-formed and new arch-shaped stator clamping plate structures are calculated by time-stepping finite-element methodology and are compared. Calculation results indicate that the new arch-shaped clamping plate structure can effectively reduce the eddy-current loss of stator clamping plate.

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