No-Snapback Silicon-Controlled Rectifier for Electrostatic Discharge Protection of High-Voltage ICs


In this letter, we develop a no-snapback silicon-controlled rectifier (NS-SCR) in a 0.thirty five-um BCD technology. This device is constructed by embedding in a typical SCR a p-type/intrinsic/n-sort diode as the trigger part and 2 highly doped extension regions as parts of the bases of the parasitic bipolar transistors. These added options permit for a high electric field to be maintained at the reverse biased n/p junction in the electrostatic discharge (ESD) current path, stop the onset of robust conductivity modulation, and lead to a nosnapback transmission line pulsing I-V characteristic. Stacking the NS-SCR's offers an ESD protection resolution that's area-economical, strong, and latch-up immune. The high temperature impact on the leakage current of NS-SCR is additionally studied.

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