A 1.26 $mu$ Cytomimetic IC Emulating Complex Nonlinear Mammalian Cell Cycle Dynamics: Synthesis, Simulation and Proof-of-Concept Measured Results


Cytomimetic circuits represent a completely unique, ultra low-power, continuous-time, continuous-worth category of circuits, capable of mapping on silicon cellular and molecular dynamics modelled by means that of nonlinear standard differential equations (ODEs). Such monolithic circuits are in principle in a position to emulate on chip, single or multiple cell operations in a highly parallel fashion. Cytomimetic topologies can be synthesized by adopting the Nonlinear Bernoulli Cell Formalism (NBCF), a mathematical framework that exploits the hanging similarities between the equations describing weakly-inverted Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) devices and matched nonlinear ODEs, typically showing in models of naturally encountered biochemical systems. The NBCF maps biological state variables onto strictly positive subthreshold MOS circuit currents. This paper presents the synthesis, the simulation and proof-of-concept chip results love the emulation of a advanced cellular network mechanism, the skeleton model for the network of Cyclin-dependent Kinases (CdKs) driving the mammalian cell cycle. This 5 variable nonlinear biological model, when applicable model parameter values are assigned, can exhibit multiple oscillatory behaviors, varying from easy periodic oscillations, to complicated oscillations like quasi-periodicity and chaos. The validity of our approach is verified by simulated results with realistic process parameters from the commercially accessible AMS zero.thirty five μm technology and by chip measurements. The fabricated chip occupies an space of 2.twenty seven mm2 and consumes an influence of one.twenty six μW from a power offer of three V. The presented cytomimetic topology follows closely the behavior of its biological counterpart, exhibiting similar time-dependent solutions of the Cdk complexes, the transcription factors and therefore the proteins.

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