Induced Current-Based Performance Measurement System for Wide and Stacked HTS Wires


Recently, high-temperature superconductor (HTS)-based mostly devices have been applied to practical electrical power systems. In order to increase the important currents of HTS wires, wide and stacked HTS wires are being extensively researched. But, general systems for testing crucial currents via voltage taps aren't accurate for measuring the vital currents of wide and stacked HTS wires. This paper proposes an induced current-based performance measurement system for wide and stacked HTS wires. The system consists of wide and stacked HTS wires and induction coils created of 2G HTS wire. The electromagnetic performance of the HTS wires and induction coil is analyzed using a finite part methodology program. The fundamental structure of the performance measurement system is intended and fabricated based mostly on the electromagnetic analysis results. In the experiment, the characteristics of the HTS wire are analyzed under charge and discharge conditions from the perspective of induced currents. The current of the stacked HTS wires is measured by a Rogowski coil. Hence, we have a tendency to can accurately identify the characteristics of the wide and stacked HTS wires, such as crucial current and joint resistance.

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