Map cache management using dual granularity for mobile storage systems


NAND flash recollections are utilized in many mobile consumer devices as storage media as a result of they are tiny, fast, shock-resistant, and energy-economical. However, the flash storage systems primarily based on these flash devices would like a special software layer, the FTL, to translate logical addresses from a bunch system to physical addresses in NAND flash recollections. Recently, the flash storage systems in mobile devices tend to use a page-level mapping theme as they're needed to yield higher access bandwidth. Unlike common SSDs, that typically keep the bulk of mapping info in fast but volatile DRAM, the flash storage systems in mobile shopper devices keep only a limited subset of mapping info during a tiny-sized SRAM because of the restrictions in size, value, and power consumption. For this reason, many cache management schemes proposed for SSDs may not be suitable for the flash storage systems in mobile consumer devices, though most map cache management schemes employed in mobile storage are basically designed for SSD. This paper proposes a unique cache management theme targeting mobile shopper devices. The proposed theme uses completely different management granularities in allocating and evacuating cache house. Experimental results show that the proposed theme improves map cache performance by up to thirty sixp.c compared to the present cache management techniques.

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