Interference Alignment for the Multi-Cell Multiuser Interference Channel


We propose an interference alignment theme for the L cell multiuser interference channel, where M antennas are used at the base stations and N antennas are used at user terminals. To handle the large variety of interference vectors from alternative cells, the proposed technique aligns interference vectors such that they fall during a rank one vector house at the other cell base station receivers. When the alignment, we have a tendency to will achieve the total DoF (K) values of, K=M when N < a pair of(L-1), K=L(M-1) when N≥ (L-one)M. For alternative cases, we have a tendency to can achieve K=M-L+(L-1)lfloorfracNL-1rfloor in the L cell interference network, where lfloorcdotrfloor is that the integer floor perform.

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