Optimal Use of Current and Outdated Channel State Information: Degrees of Freedom of the MISO BC with Mixed CSIT


We have a tendency to take into account a multiple-input-single-output (MISO) broadcast channel with mixed channel state info at the transmitter (CSIT) that consists of imperfect current CSIT and excellent outdated CSIT. Recent work by Kobayashi et al. presented a scheme that exploits both imperfect current CSIT and perfect outdated CSIT and achieves higher degrees of freedom (DoF) than potential with solely imperfect current CSIT or solely outdated CSIT individually. During this work, we further improve the achievable DoF in this setting by incorporating additional personal messages, and offer a good data theoretic DoF outer bound, thereby identifying the DoF optimal use of mixed CSIT. The new result's stronger even in the first setting of solely delayed CSIT, because it allows us to get rid of the limiting assumption of statistically equivalent fading for all users.

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