Joint Optimal Threshold-Based Relaying and ML Detection in Cooperative Networks


This paper proposes 2 detection schemes for cooperative networks comprising a supply, a relay and a destination. The relay is assumed to operate in an exceedingly half-duplex mode and it employs decode-and-forward (DF) relaying. The proposed schemes involve combining threshold-based mostly relaying and most probability (ML) detection at the destination. We have a tendency to consider each signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)-based and log-probability (LLR)-based mostly thresholding. Assuming binary part shift keying (BPSK), we have a tendency to 1st derive the ML detector as a function of the threshold used at the relay node. Then, we have a tendency to get the optimal thresholds by minimizing the tip-to-end bit error rate performance. In deriving the ML performance, we have a tendency to follow an approach that's different from existing approaches and is more easy. We tend to compare the performance of the proposed schemes and show that they considerably outperform all existing counterpart detection strategies.

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