Limiting Behavior of ZF/MMSE Linear Equalizers in Wideband Channels with Frequency Selective Fading


This letter establishes the near optimality of the linear equalizers (LEs) in multiple antenna systems with frequency selective fading. Initial, we show that a zero-forcing (ZF) LE employing N_r receiver antennas (where N_r>one), achieves a mounted signal-to-noise-power-ratio (SNR) of fracN_r-1N_0 in an i.i.d. Rayleigh fading channel with infinite number of taps. The LE sacrifices one degree-of-freedom (DOF) for mitigating the multi-path fading channel and leaves remaining N_r-1 DOF for array gain. The most performance loss with respect to the matched filter certain (MFB) is shown to be 10log(fracN_r-1N_r) which becomes little in systems with massive antenna arrays. Next, simulation is employed to match the performance of minimum-mean-square-error estimation (MMSE) and ZF receivers. It's shown that the MMSE based mostly LE provides a significant advantage over ZF LE solely for singleantenna systems and therefore the performance distinction between the 2 ways becomes arbitrarily tiny with an increase in the number of receiver antennas.

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