Coordinated Multi-Cell Transmission for Distributed Antenna Systems with Partial CSIT


During this letter, a multi-cell distributed antenna system (DAS) with multiple users served via linear beamforming in each cell is taken into account. We have a tendency to specialize in joint beamformer optimization (JBO) with the target of system weighted sum capacity maximization primarily based on solely partial channel state information at the transmitter (CSIT), that includes instantaneous intra-cell and large-scale inter-cell CSIT. After the formulation of a non-convex JBO problem, an algorithm is proposed to seek out the globally optimal beamformers based mostly on monotonic optimization and the bisection method. Simulation results are provided to indicate the prevalence of the proposed algorithm and also the noticeable performance gain of the JBO primarily based on partial CSIT. The proposed algorithm can be used as a benchmark for low-complexity JBO scheme style for practical applications.

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