A Very Tight Approximation of the SISO Energy Efficiency-Spectral Efficiency Trade-Off


Beside the well-established spectral-efficiency (SE), energy-potency (EE) is currently changing into an important performance analysis metric, that in flip makes the EE-SE trade-off as a prominent criterion for efficiently coming up with future communication systems. During this letter, we propose a terribly tight closed-type approximation (CFA) of this trade-off over the one-input single-output (SISO) Rayleigh flat fading channel. We tend to first derive an improved approximation of the SISO ergodic capacity by suggests that of a parametric operate and then utilize it for getting our novel EE-SE trade-off CFA, that is additionally generalized for the symmetric multi-input multi-output channel. We have a tendency to compare our CFA with existing CFAs and show its improved accuracy in comparison with the latter.

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