Video Sequence Matching Based on the Invariance of Color Correlation


Video sequence matching aims to locate a query video clip in a video database. It plays an necessary role in reducing storage redundancy and detecting video copies for copyright protection. In this paper, we tend to propose an effective technique for video sequence matching based mostly on the invariance of color correlation. The proposed technique 1st splits each key-frame into nonoverlapping blocks. For each block, we sort the red, inexperienced, and blue color parts consistent with their average intensities, and use the proportion of the color correlation to generate a frame feature with a tiny size. Finally, the ensuing video feature is created from the consecutive frame options, that is demonstrated to be sturdy against most common video content-preserving operations, together with geometric distortion, blurring, noise contamination, contrast enhancement, and robust re-encoding. The experimental results show that the proposed methodology outperforms the present strategies within the literature, furthermore the tactic based on the ancient color histogram. Furthermore, the time and space complexity of our algorithm are each satisfactory, that are terribly vital for many real-time applications.

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