A 10-bit CMOS DAC With Current Interpolated Gamma Correction for LCD Source Drivers


This paper presents a compact ten-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for LCD source drivers. The cyclic DAC design is used to cut back the world of LCD column drivers when put next to the use of conventional resistor-string DACs. The current interpolation technique is proposed to perform gamma correction once D/A conversion. The gamma correction circuit is shared by four DAC channels using the interleave technique. A prototype 10-bit DAC with gamma correction function is implemented in zero.thirty five $murm m$ CMOS technology and its average die size per channel is 0.053 $rm mm^2$, which is smaller than those of the R-DACs with gamma correction function. The settling time of the 10-bit DAC is one $murm s$, and the utmost INL and DNL are a pair of.13 least important bit (LSB) and 1.30 LSB, respectively.

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