Video Super-Resolution Using Codebooks Derived From Key-Frames


Example-based super-resolution (SR) is an enticing option to Bayesian approaches to boost image resolution. We use a multiresolution approach to example-based SR and discuss codebook construction for video sequences. We tend to match a block to be super-resolved to a low-resolution version of the reference high-resolution image blocks. Once the match is found, we fastidiously apply the high-frequency contents of the chosen reference block to the one to be super-resolved. In essence, the strategy depends on “betting” that if the low-frequency contents of two blocks are terribly similar, their high-frequency contents also might match. In particular, we have a tendency to are interested in eventualities where examples will be picked up from readily out there high-resolution images that are strongly related to the frame to be super-resolved. Hence, they represent an glorious supply of material to construct a dynamic codebook. Here, we have a tendency to propose a methodology to super-resolve a video using multiple overlapped variable-block-size codebooks. We have a tendency to implemented a mixed-resolution video coding scenario, where some frames are encoded at the next resolution and can be used to enhance the opposite lower-resolution ones. In another state of affairs, we tend to take into account the framework where the camera captures a video at a lower resolution and conjointly takes periodic snapshots at the next resolution. Results indicate substantial gains over interpolation and mounted-codebook SR, and important gains over previous works yet.

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