Modelling the role of catastrophe, crossover and katanin-mediated severing in the self-organisation of plant cortical microtubules


Plant cortical microtubules will type ordered arrays through interactions among themselves. When an event microtubule collides with a barrier microtubule it might entrain if below a sure angle. Else it undergoes collision induced catastrophe (CIC) or crosses over the barrier microtubule. It has been proposed that katanin is critical to create order by severing these crossover sites. The authors present a 3-state computational model using Arabidopsis thaliana data to point out how spontaneous catastrophe, the likelihood of CIC versus crossover, and katanin-mediated severing at the crossover sites have an effect on microtubule ordering. The results of the systematic simulations show that (one), the microtubule order is more sensitive to the catastrophe rate than the rescue rate; (two), at twenty one°C, peak order is observed at zero.3 CIC and order decreases as CIC will increase; and (three) at 0.a pair of CIC, katanin severing acting uniformly in any respect crossover sites is able to form order within a biologically affordable timeframe, however at lower CICs this becomes unrealistically fast. This would imply that at lower CIC levels preferential crossover web site targeting and severing activity regulators would be required for katanin to bring about order.

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