Risk Evaluation for Hybrid Excitation Compulsator


In the sector of compulsators, hybrid excitation concepts are verified through the development of many hybrid excitation prototypes. Though there are some blessings related to the hybrid excitation compulsator in comparison with the traditional electrical excitation topology compulsator, some drawbacks still exist, which could lead to demagnetization of the permanent magnets and so affect the performance and operational safety of such compulsators. For practical applications, the risk of demagnetization needs to be assessed, measurements need to be taken, and design parameters want to be refined. The drawback is crucial during discharge, with several factors related to dictating the demagnetizing of those compulsators. In particular, the demagnetizing magnetic strength, temperature rise, and stress effects were analyzed. The temperature distribution in the compensation shield caused by eddy-current losses was simulated. Throughout discharge of a permanent magnet, the situation of temperature sources is important. The impact stress imposed on the permanent magnets was simulated and safety characteristics were evaluated.

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