Unknown Transmit Power RSSD Based Source Localization With Sensor Position Uncertainty


Supply localization is a vital field of analysis with numerous applications in signal processing and wireless communications. During this paper, we have a tendency to present a received signal strength distinction (RSSD) based mostly method to localize a supply with unknown transmit power in the presence of sensor position uncertainty. It is an economical low complexity technique that will not require transmit power estimation like alternative approaches. This eliminates the uncertainty because of signal propagation parameter variations. A constrained adaptive weighted least squares technique is presented to get a least squares initial estimate (LSIE) of the supply location. Then, this estimate is improved using a computationally efficient changed Newton methodology (MNM) with adaptive weights. The bias of the proposed LSIE-MNM technique and also the Cramér-Rao lower sure (CRLB) of the RSSD based mostly measurement model are derived to see the result of sensor position uncertainties on the supply location estimate. Results are presented which show that the proposed methodology achieves the CRLB when the SNR is sufficiently high.

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