Control of Robotic Assistance Using Poststroke Residual Voluntary Effort


Poststroke hemiparesis limits the flexibility to succeed in, in part thanks to involuntary muscle co-activation (synergies). Robotic approaches are being developed for each therapeutic benefit and continuous help throughout activities of daily living. Robotic help could enable participants to exert less effort, thereby reducing expression of the abnormal co-activation patterns, that may enable participants to reach additional. This study evaluated how well participants might perform a reaching task with robotic assistance that was either provided independent of effort within the vertical direction or within the sagittal plane in proportion to voluntary effort estimated from electromyograms (EMG) on the affected facet. Participants who may not reach targets while not help were enabled to reach more with assistance. Constant anti-gravity force assistance that was freelance of voluntary effort did not scale back the quality of reach and enabled participants to exert less effort whereas maintaining different target locations. Force help that was proportional to voluntary effort on the affected aspect enabled participants to exert less effort and could be controlled to successfully reach targets, however participants had increased issue maintaining a stable position. These results counsel that residual effort on the affected side will produce a good command signal for poststroke assistive devices.

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