Comparing the Induced Muscle Fatigue Between Asynchronous and Synchronous Electrical Stimulation in Able-Bodied and Spinal Cord Injured Populations


Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) has been shown to impart a variety of health benefits and can be used to produce purposeful outcomes. However, one limitation of NMES is that the onset of NMES-induced fatigue. Multi-channel asynchronous stimulation has been shown to scale back NMES-induced fatigue compared to conventional single-channel stimulation. But, in previous studies in man, the effect of stimulation frequency on the NMES-induced fatigue has not been examined for asynchronous stimulation. Low stimulation frequencies are known to cut back fatigue throughout typical stimulation. So, the aim of this study was to examine the fatigue characteristics of high- and low-frequency asynchronous stimulation with high- and low-frequency typical stimulation. Experiments were performed in both ready-bodied and spinal twine injured populations. Low frequency asynchronous stimulation is found to own vital fatigue benefits over high frequency asynchronous stimulation furthermore high- and low-frequency standard stimulation, motivating its use for rehabilitation and purposeful electrical stimulation (FES).

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