Nonlinearity Effects Reduction of an AFM Piezoelectric Tube Scanner Using MIMO MPC


The planning of a controller that compensates for the results of creep, hysteresis, vibration, and cross-coupling in a piezoelectric tube scanner (PTS) is presented during this paper. The PTS may be a key nanopositioning part installed in a commercial atomic force microscope (AFM) to perform scanning. The impediments to quick scanning because of PTS dynamics are: one) the presence of mechanical resonances; two) nonlinearities thanks to the piezoelectric characteristics; and three) the cross-coupling impact between $x$- and $y$-axes in the PTS. In this paper, a multi-input multi-output model predictive management (MPC) scheme is designed to counteract the results of creep, hysteresis, vibration, and cross-coupling in an exceedingly PTS. Additionally, a damping compensator is included to suppress the vibration effect at its resonance frequency. The proposed controller achieves a high closed-loop bandwidth and vital damping of the resonant mode. To guage the performance improvement using the proposed management theme, an experimental comparison with the present AFM proportional-integral (PI) controller and a single-input single-output (SISO) MPC is conducted. Enhancement within the scanning speed up to a hundred twenty five Hz is observed with the proposed controller.

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