Inductive and Ultrasonic Multi-Tier Interface for Low-Power, Deeply Implantable Medical Devices


We report the event of a novel multi-tier interface that permits the wireless, noninvasive transfer of sufficient amounts of power as well as the collection and transmission of knowledge from low-power, deeply implantable analog sensors. The interface consists of an inductive coupling subsystem and an ultrasonic subsystem. The designed and experimentally verified inductive subsystem ensures that 5 W of power is transferred across 10 mm of air gap between one combine of PCB spiral coils with an potency of eighty threepercent using our prototype CMOS logic gate-based driver circuit. The implemented ultrasonic subsystem, primarily based on ultrasonic PZT ceramic discs driven in their low-frequency, radial/planar-excitation mode, any ensures that twenty nine $murm W$ of power is delivered seventy mm deeper inside an identical liquid environment—with no acoustic matching layer used—with an efficiency of 1%. Overall system power consumption is two.3 W. The implant is intermittently powered each 800 msec; charging a capacitor which provides sufficient power for a length of $sim 18~rm msec$; sufficient for an implant $murm C$ operating at a frequency of 500 KHz to transmit a nibble (4 bits) of digitized sensed information.

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