A Dual-Band Low-Profile Aperture Antenna With Substrate-Integrated Waveguide Grooves


This communication presents a replacement dual-band low-profile aperture antenna with relatively high gain using substrate-integrated waveguide (SIW) corrugated structures. It consists of a cavity excited by a transmission line and four SIW grooves that produce smart reflection coefficient and enhanced gain. By designing corrugated structure using constructive superposition of electrical fields of patch and grooves, the antenna with high performance in both bands is achieved. Within the proposed structure, three easy printed circuit boards (PCBs) for implementing a resonant transmission line and specific SIW structures are employed instead of waveguide feeder and grooves on metallic plate in conventional corrugated antennas. Removing the metallic plate reduces the burden and value of the structure and provides simple fabrication. Dual-band characteristic is achieved using resonant slot (cavity) and resonant transmission line. Fabrication results show that the SIW grooves significantly increase the antenna gain with respect to the easy slot antenna.

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