Low-Profile Antenna With Elevated Toroid-Shaped Radiation for On-Road Reader of RFID-Enabled Vehicle Registration Plate


A low-profile antenna put in touring surface for RFID-enabled vehicle communication is presented. The antenna during this application operates as on-road sensor for vehicles identification. To that end, the antenna is needed to possess an elevated toroid-formed radiation, so that the reader can simply interrogate an RFID-enabled vehicle license. The antenna is intended using a capacitive-loaded inverted-F radiator, which has an omnidirectional radiation within the azimuth plane. To alter the radiation pattern to the desired elevation higher than the road surface, and isolate the radiation from the results of variable road conditions, a corrugated ground plane with perturbed surface impedance is employed underneath the radiator. The antenna’s configuration is verified by full-wave finite distinction time domain simulations with numerous road surface conditions. A prototype antenna is then developed and tested in realistic field eventualities as on-road sensor for vehicles identification. The results show that the antenna possess additional than 15 dB return loss, a lot of than 1.five dBi gain, vertical polarization, and fascinating radiation pattern from 880 to 960 MHz, which is the standard band licensed for RFID-enabled plates. The antenna conjointly successfully communicates with an RFID-enabled vehicle registration plate.

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