Gain Enhancement of Ground Radiation Antenna for RFID Tag Mounted on Metallic Plane


A completely unique style for a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag antenna mounted on a metallic plane is presented. The tag antenna incorporates a rectangular radiating plate with a Z-formed slot, that allows it to operate like a [*fr1]-wavelength slot resonator and a dipole-sort ground radiator. A conjugate match to an Alien Higgs-3 chip with an impedance of eight – j142 at 925 MHz is obtained by etching a 0.5-wavelength slot resonator in the middle of the oblong radiating plate ( ). The tag antenna resistance and inductive reactance can be matched to the required chip impedance by merely tuning the length and width of the Z-slot resonator. The space between the [*fr1]-wavelength resonant radiating plate (dipole-type ground radiator) and the metallic plane enhances the antenna gain by increasing the reflection from the metallic plane. A horizontal electric dipole placed higher than the peerlessly flat electrical metallic plane allows a most gain of dBi over a brief distance, that is fourfold beyond that of an isolated 0.5-wavelength dipole. Tests of an RFID reader with an effective isotropic radiated power of W showed that the most scan coverage of the proposed tag antenna mounted on a metallic plane exceeded ten m. Measurement knowledge were in good agreement with the simulation results.

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