Ultra-Miniature SIW Cavity Resonators and Filters


This paper presents ultra-miniature substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) cavity resonators, and filters by employing ramp-formed slots as interdigital capacitors (IDCs) to force the structure to control in the primary negative-order resonance mode. Additionally, a metal patch in the center metal layer along with disconnected vias is used to increase the equivalent series capacitance of the resonator and accordingly the miniaturization issue. By applying this technique to half-mode SIW (HMSIW) and quarter-mode SIW (QMSIW) resonators, ninety%, and 95% of miniaturization is achieved, respectively, compared to traditional full-mode SIW resonators. Afterwards, a two-pole bandpass filter is proposed based on the presented QMSIW resonator. Also, by employing a combination of HMSIW and QMSIW ultra-miniature resonators, 2 trisection filters with a controllable transmission zero on either facet of the passband are presented. To the simplest of authors' knowledge, this is often the first disclosure of simultaneous use of HMSIW and QMSIW resonators to realize asymmetric filter response with an ultra-compact size.

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