A Sub-400-nT/ , 775- , Multi-Loop MEMS Magnetometer With Integrated Readout Electronics


This paper presents a unique $z$ -axis Lorentz force magnetometer not to mention a coffee-power readout integrated circuit. The sensor is fabricated using an industrial process, and exploits an Al-on-polysilicon multi-loop architecture that offers a 5-fold sensitivity and backbone improvement, helpful for off-resonance operation. The integrated readout is predicated on a differential charge amplifier front-end, and designed to be balanced with the sensor in terms of noise and power consumption. The general system, as well as demodulation and filtering stages, shows a programmable full-scale up to ±a pair of.four mT, restricted by the electronics saturation. The bandwidth can be programmed up to a hundred and fifty Hz for off-resonance operation where a sub-400-nT/ $sqrt text Hz$ resolution at 775- $mu textW$ power consumption is obtained, including the integrated readout and also the Lorentz current. Perspectives on low-consumption driving oscillators for off-resonance mode are finally given. [2015-0139]

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