Properties of Self-Aligned Short-Channel Graphene Field-Effect Transistors Based on Boron-Nitride-Dielectric Encapsulation and Edge Contacts


We gift the characterization of ballistic graphene field-result transistors (GFETs) with a good oxide thickness of 3.five nm. Graphene channels are absolutely encapsulated among hexagonal boron nitride, and self-aligned contacts are fashioned to the sting of the only-layer graphene. Devices of channel lengths ( all the way down to 67 nm are fabricated, and a virtual-source transport model is employed to model the ensuing current–voltage characteristics. The mobility and supply-injection velocity as a function of yields a mean-free-path, ballistic velocity, and effective mobility of 850 nm, cm/s, and 13 70zero cm2/Vs, respectively, that are among the best velocities and mobilities reported for GFETs. Despite these best-in-category attributes, these devices achieve transconductance ( and output conductance ( of solely 600 and three hundred , respectively, because of the fundamental limitations of graphene’s quantum capacitance and nil-bandgap. values, that are less than those of comparable ballistic silicon devices, profit from the high ballistic velocity in graphene however are degraded by a good gate capacitance reduced by the quantum capacitance. The values, that limit the effective power gain achievable in these devices, are significantly worse than comparable silicon devices- due to the properties of the zero-bandgap graphene channel.

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