Dual-Polarized Dual-Band Microstrip Antenna With Similar-Shaped Radiation Pattern


A dual-polarized twin-band (DPDB) microstrip antenna with two orthogonal feeding ports and similar-formed radiation pattern is studied. The operating mechanism of the twin-band operation and therefore the similar-formed radiation pattern is analyzed based on the S-parameters and the electric field distributions, respectively. A prototype shows that the measured impedance bandwidths for $textVSWR < 2$ are one hundred fifty MHz (810–960 MHz, 17p.c) and 550 MHz (1690–2240 MHz, 28%) with mutual couplings of under $- 32$ and $- 26;textdB$ at the lower and better frequency bands, respectively. The antenna covers the GSM850/GSM90zero/GSM1800/GSM190zero/UMTS bands for 2G/3G base station applications. Inside the two frequency bands, the performance of similar-formed radiation pattern, low cross-polarization, and stable gain is achieved.

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