A Frequency-Reconfigurable Antenna Architecture Using Dielectric Fluids


A replacement frequency-reconfigurable antenna architecture is presented, in that a dielectric fluid is pumped into a cavity behind the antenna to change its resonant frequency. The continuous tuning provided by the changing fluid volume allows the resonant frequency to be adjusted to any price within the tunable vary. This tuning technique will not affect the facility handling capability of the antenna and will not consume power whereas the resonant frequency is kept constant. This methodology of tuning also stands out in its class by providing a good tuning vary, high potency, and terribly good electrical isolation between the antenna and the management circuitry. The antenna was designed and optimized using Ansys HFSS software and several prototypes were engineered and tested. Measured results of the input response, radiation pattern, and efficiency are presented. Castor oil ($varepsilon_r=text2.7$) and ethyl acetate ($varepsilon_r=text6$) were used in physical tests as the tuning fluids to verify the simulated results. Smart agreement between simulated and measured results was observed which is additionally consistent with the behavior urged by theory and earlier investigations.

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