Management of Fault Current Contribution of Synchronous DGs Using Inverter-Based DGs


Of the numerous types of distributed generators (DGs), synchronous DGs represent the foremost substantial contribution to fault currents and, consequently, have the best result on the operation of the protection system. On the other hand, several sorts of DGs require power electronic (PE) interfaces at the points where they hook up with the grid, which are normally left idle during fault conditions. This paper presents a completely unique plan for employing the PE interfaces of inverter-based DGs (IBDGs) as a suggests that of managing the fault current contribution of synchronous DGs through the modification of the IBDG current phase angle during fault conditions. This operation permits synchronous DGs and IBDGs to be kept connected to the system during fault conditions however with their contribution to the current having no effect on the magnitude of the fault current. Constraints connected to DG locations and capacities are so relieved. A lot of apparently, it's demonstrated that larger-capability IBDGs are additional effective for managing the fault current contribution of synchronous DGs, which suggests that that for systems that embody synchronous DGs, the availability of a lot of various IBDGs would be beneficial.

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