Enhancement of Plasma-Driven System With Piezoelectric Transformer-Based Feedback Control Approaches and a Contactless Power Source


This paper proposes a plasma-driven system with piezoelectric transformer-primarily based feedback control approaches together with a contactless power source. The analysis is motivated as a result of several plasma-driven circuits utilized the bulky parts as resonant circuit and current feedback sensors. Hence, this study proposes to utilize one piezoelectric ceramic transformer to serve for both resonance tank and feedback devices so as to achieve low value and style simplification. Moreover, since the plasma discharge usually suffers the matter of high humidity and particle-polluted atmosphere, a contactless power transfer circuit integrated with a high-frequency coil is developed as the facility supply, by which the electrode harm can be better prevented. To reach a higher discharge quality and own the next flexibility of regulating power, the study also completes a relentless-power management mechanism and a part-locked loop control. Both software simulations and hardware realization have been accomplished. Analysis results and experimental outcome help validate the practicality of the proposed approach.

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