Geometrical Enhancement of Planar Loop Antennas for Inductive Near-Field Data Links


The low Q-factor needs of High-Frequency Radio Frequency Identification (HF-RFID) interrogator antennas constrain transmission performance after they are employed in knowledge links requiring similar terminal antennas. This letter presents a geometrical approach to reinforce the transmission performance of planar loop antennas without a vital amendment to their standalone performance as HF-RFID interrogator antennas. The strategy distributes the turns of a modified planar square loop antenna to boost the coupling level in a symmetric link, while limiting the amendment in Q-issue from a typical HF-RFID interrogator antenna. Results from a presented test case show that the design methodology allows a five.75% increase in peak transmission coefficient, and a twenty eight.42percent fractional bandwidth increase in a very symmetric link, compared to a typical design.

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