Epsilon Negative CPW-Fed Zeroth-Order Resonating Antenna With Backed Ground Plane for Extended Bandwidth and Miniaturization


A compact CPW-fed metamaterial (MTM)-inspired zeroth-order resonating (ZOR) antenna is presented with backed ground plane. Such MTM antenna consists of thin conducting line and a bow-tie formed patch connected to CPW feed. The proposed structure shows compact size with radiating component dimensions of by introducing ground plane at bottom. As a plus, resonant frequency is shifted toward left that corresponds to 57.9p.c miniaturization area with respect to the proposed antenna without backed plane (resonating at GHz). The proposed MTM antenna exhibits zeroth-order resonance (ZOR) at two.4 GHz and has an impedance bandwidth ( .) of twenty five.four%. The proposed structure shows smart radiation characteristics with simulated absolute gain of 1.fifty nine dBi and simulated radiation potency of ninety one.five% throughout the operating bandwidth. Currently for extending the bandwidth and shifting the resonant frequency to be operated in WiMAX band (three.5–3.fifty seven GHz), electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structures are loaded in higher ground plane. This antenna shows an impedance bandwidth of fifty four.a pair of% and resonates at three.3 GHz. The radiation patterns are consistent throughout the operating band. The prototype structures have been fabricated and experimentally validated. The designed antennas are appropriate for use in LTE, WLAN, and WiMAX (two.5/3.5 GHz).

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