Multibeam Pillbox Antenna With Low Sidelobe Level and High-Beam Crossover in SIW Technology Using the Split Aperture Decoupling Method


A novel twin-layer multibeam pillbox antenna with a slotted waveguide radiating half in substrate-integrated waveguide (SIW) technology is proposed. In distinction to previous works, the design goal is to possess a multibeam antenna with arbitrary low sidelobes and at the identical time a high crossing level between adjacent radiated beams. These 2 constraints cannot be satisfied simultaneously for any passive and lossless multibeam antenna systems with one radiating aperture because of beam orthogonality. Here, this limitation is overcome using the “split aperture decoupling” method which consists in using two radiating apertures. Every aperture is related to a pillbox quasi-optical system with several integrated feed horns in its focal plane therefore on steer the most beam in the azimuthal plane. The antenna operates at 24.fifteen GHz and presents very sensible scanning performance over an angular sector of , with a sensible agreement between full-wave simulations and measurements. The crossover level between adjacent beams is about with a sidelobe level lower than for the central beam and higher than for the acute beam positions. The isolation between feed horns in the same pillbox system is better than twenty dB.

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