Oriental Crown-Shaped Differentially Fed Dual-Polarized Multidipole Antenna


A differentially fed twin-polarized multidipole antenna is proposed during this paper. 2 pairs of long dipoles and two pairs of short dipoles are printed on an oriental crown-shaped substrate. Through a rational style of positions of dipoles, stable radiation patterns are achieved at the horizontal plane inside a relative bandwidth of 45%. As a result of of the symmetry of the antenna, its differential port-to-port isolation is theoretically infinite. The antenna is intended, fabricated, and measured. The measurement results are in smart agreement with the simulated ones in terms of gain, radiation patterns, and voltage standing wave ratio. Wideband impedance matching and stable radiation patterns are achieved by the proposed antenna. In specific, the [*fr1] power beamwidth (HPBW) at the horizontal plane maintains a mean price 65° with solely four° variations across the desired band, that is appropriate for the requirement of a three-sector base-station antenna. Interestingly, the proposed antenna looks just like the famous building: the Oriental Crown-China Pavilion in the planet Expo held in Shanghai.

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PROJECT TITLE :A Novel Dual-Band, Dual-Polarized, Miniaturized and Low-Profile Base Station AntennaABSTRACT:During this paper, a novel twin-band, dual-polarized, miniaturized and low-profile base station antenna operating within

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